Berry Gordy Jr. Stars in Chrysler Commercial

Berry Gordy Chrysler Commercial


The Chrysler Car company has the best commercial ending off 2012 and I am not saying this because Berry Gordy Jr. is my idol.

Imagine a smooth looking Chrysler rolling down the streets of Detroit.     In the back of the Chrysler is the handsome founder of Motown Records, Berry Gordy Jr.   getting chauffeured to his destination.    The Chrysler passes by iconic places like Hitsville, the place Motown began and is now the most visited tourist attraction in Detroit.

The car then rolls up to the Fox Theater and promotes Motown The Musical, Berry Gordy Jr. is Executive producing.    Berry Gordy Jr. sold his rights to the Motown name, however the agreement allows him to use the name, music masters and publishing at favorable rates.

The Commercial ends with Berry Gordy Jr.  smiling, like only he can, amazing smile and he says

“This is Motown and this is how we do it.”

Check it out Berry Gordy Jr. showing you how to do it in style.